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rubber material physical property comparative list

 excellent   good   suitable   limited   poor  
physical properties nbr epdm si acm sbr viton cr iir nr pu
tensile strength
rebound resistance
tear resistance
impact strength resistance
gas impermeability resistance
oxygen resistance
ozone resistance
weathering resistance
flame resistance
heat resistance
low temperature resistance
oil and fuel resistance
animal and vegetable oil resistance
alcohol resistance
alkaline resistance
acid resistance
aliphatic-solvent resistance                    
- aliphatic
- aromatic
oxygenated-solvent resistance
water resistance

  rolling mill seal
  bearing seal / strip
  rubber seal for valve
  custom molded rubber product
  o ring / o ring kit
  u ring / piston & rod seal
  wiper seal
  v ring / v packing / x ring
  oil seal
  rubber cord
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